Kawai CN 37 Satin Black Digital Piano


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The Kawai CN37 Digital Piano offers an extensive range of features to the home or studio pianist. The Responsive Hammer III action and triple sensor keys have a smooth playability and the Ivory Touch key tops have a comfortable feel that absorbs moisture. The Harmonic Imaging technology produces dynamic, rich tones for each of your 352 sounds, including 3 sampled pianos.

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The CN37 is equipped with Ivory Touch, Triple Sensor detection and counterweight hammers for the most authentic feel. The Responsive Hammer III keyboard has been carefully designed to have a smooth motion, which has been achieved with spring-less keys. The Ivory Touch surfaces subtly absorb perspiration for increased playing control. The keys feel smooth and are easy to wipe clean, so that you can perform for hours without discomfort. The keys benefit from separately counter-weighted hammers for consistent stability. No matter how modern or traditional your playing style is, everyone can benefit from the CN37’s advanced touch.

The Virtual Technician technology present on the Kawai CN37 allows users to refine its features to their own preference. The extensive range of parameters can be accessed with ease and adjusted to as much or as little as necessary. You can adjust the individual note tuning, cabinet resonance, hammer releases and more all from the piano.

The Kawai CN37 Digital Stage Piano is packed with an extensive library of 352 sounds covering a range of instruments. These include everything from grand pianos to synths and organs, as well as orchestral instruments for inspiring creativity. Each of these sounds have been crafted using Kawai’s exclusive Harmonic Imaging Sound technology. This advanced sound capturing style allows you to produce dynamic tones that faithfully represent each instrument. The instruments sampled include some of Kawai’s finest acoustic instruments, so that each note you play has authenticity and character. The range of piano sounds and Harmonic Imaging keeps your development inspired and your performances inspiring.

Smartphone compatibility via Bluetooth MIDI offers seamless integration with the CN37’s features. By connecting your smartphone, you can access a number of dedicated apps to assist with your learning. This is ideal for keeping younger students inspired to develop their playability. Another benefit of Bluetooth connectivity is that it removes the need for excessive folders and books of learning tools and sheet music, meaning your piano space can stay neat and organised with ease. The vast array of sheet music available is suitable for all levels and ages to utilise.


Keyboard: 88 wooden keys with Ivory Touch.

Action: Responsive Hammer III with Triple Sensor

Sound Source: Harmonic Imaging XL, 88-key stereo piano sampling.

Polyphony: 256 note polyphony.

Reverb:  6 Reverb options including Room, Lounge, Small Hall, Concert Hall, Live Hall and Cathedral.

Metronome: Built in metronome with various rhythms and tempo options including 100 drum rhythms.

Recorder: 10 song, 2 track internal recorder with 90,000 note memory capacity. USB MP3 Playback.

Songs: 37 demo songs with 176 concert magic songs and Alfred basic Lesson functions.

Touch: Light +, Light, Normal, Heavy, Heavy + and fixed touch curve

Functions: Touch curve voicing, user voicing, damper resonance, string resonance, undamped string resonance, cabinet resonance, key-off effect, fall-back noise, hammer delay, topboard simulation, half-pedal depth and soft pedal depth. Virtual Technician control available via Bluetooth

Connectivity: USB and Bluetooth Connections.

Pedals: Damper pedal with half pedal support, soft and sostenuto pedals. Grand Feel Pedal system.

Connectors: Line-in option with independent speaker volume, split keyboard and Four Hands Mode.

Speakers: 13 cm x 2, 8x12 cm x 2

Dimensions: 144.5 (W) x 43.5 (D) x 88 (H) cm. 54 kg.