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The Jupiter JFL700WE Waveline Flute is perfect for the beginner, as it grows with you with the custom extension kit that is available. It comes with Split E, trill keys and C foot. The Waveline Flute is the new standard for curved headjoint flutes. 

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The Jupiter JFL700WE Flute is the perfect choice for beginners due to its shorter length. This is made possible by the inclusion of a curved headjoint. This is also a future-proof choice as an optional extension kit is available, so your flute will grow with you. It comes with Split E, trill keys and C Foot. Plateau Keys facilitate easier fingering for the younger student.

By adding the bend, the scale length of the instrument is the same for tonal reasons but the stretch from the headjoint to the footjoint keys is reduced. Unlike U-bend curved flutes, the ergonomic holding position is the same - curved headjoints mean you hold the flute further away than you ought to, thus damaging your posture. The S-bend keeps the distance the same for a standard flute but doesn't reduce the stretch as much as a curved headjoint. They're a step in between and ideal for younger or smaller players that don't need that dramatic of a reduction.

The  Jupiter 700-series models have an exceptionally full and warm sound for perfect and easy intonation in all registers, one of the main prerequisites for serious flute students, as any flute teacher will tell you. This series utilizes a high nickel content in their entire flute tubing to produce an excellent sound quality. The Jupiter student flute is well-engineered to ensure good reliability and durability. The headjoint has been designed to be easy to produce a good sound on, and the .925 solid riser (a feature not usually found on flutes at this price level) improves the tone quality further. The flute comes in a light case and slimline shoulder bag, making it easy for school students to take to and from school.


- 700 Series. 

- Key of C. 

- Silver-Plated Nickel Silver Body. 

- Silver-Plated WaveLine Technology Headjoint. 

- Silver-Plated Nickel Silver Keys. 

- Offset G. 

- Plateau Keys. 

- Split E. 

- Form-Fitted Zippered Case.